Local Branding Triumph for Broad Ripple Animal Clinic

The Challenge

Despite experiencing high demand, Broad Ripple Animal Clinic (BRAC) aimed to redefine its identity beyond being solely a veterinary clinic. The challenge was to position itself as a valuable resource and community partner for local pet parents.

The Solutions

We employed a multi-faceted approach, including blog content, Facebook ads, and email marketing. The centerpiece of the campaign was a blog post highlighting pet-friendly dining spots in Indianapolis, catering to the local pet-loving audience and fostering engagement. Additionally, we launched a targeted Facebook ad campaign to drive traffic to the blog, ensuring maximum reach within the local community. Leveraging BRAC's existing database, we also implemented an email marketing strategy to promote the blog content and encourage visits to the website.

What we did:

  • Blog Content

  • Facebook Ads

  • Email Marketing

The Impact

The "Pet-Friendly Dining in Indianapolis" campaign garnered significant traction and engagement, with the blog receiving over 1,200 views/visits. The Facebook ad campaign reached over 15,000 individuals and generated 758 link clicks, effectively driving traffic to the blog. Furthermore, the email campaign achieved an impressive 56% open rate and garnered 318 clicks on the call-to-action buttons, indicating strong engagement among BRAC's existing clientele.


The blog received over




The Facebook
ad campaign
received over


individuals with
758 link clicks


The email campaign achieved an impressive


open rate with 318 clicks on the call-to-action buttons

Through these strategic marketing efforts, Broad Ripple Animal Clinic successfully solidified its role as a trusted resource and community partner for local pet parents. The campaign's success not only enhanced BRAC's brand presence but also fostered deeper connections within the community, underscoring the importance of tailored and engaging marketing initiatives in today's competitive landscape.

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