VHA's Strategic Approach to Enhancing Online Reputation & Local SEO

The Challenge

Veterinary Healthcare Associates (VHA) faced the challenge of a lower online review score, primarily attributed to the nature of emergency services, which impacted its local search visibility and hindered its ability to attract new clients. With an average rating of 3.8/5.0, VHA aimed to enhance its online reputation and penetrate the local pack for general practice (GP) related searches.

The Solutions

Our strategic initiative for VHA involved implementing a multifaceted approach to enhance their online reputation and local SEO. By prioritizing review acquisition and emphasizing the quality of reviews, we aimed to boost VHA’s average review score and subsequently improve their rankings in local search results. Through targeted efforts and a commitment to enhancing visibility, we sought to increase their presence in the local pack for GP-related searches, ultimately attracting more clients to their emergency and specialty veterinary clinic.

What we did:

  • Implemented a Comprehensive Review-Building Strategy

The Impact

The targeted review-building strategy yielded significant results for VHA. The clinic saw a notable improvement in its online reputation, as evidenced by the increased average rating and total number of reviews. This improvement directly translated into better rankings in the local pack for GP keywords, with VHA achieving the #3 rank after a few months of concerted efforts.


Review Performance

In September, VHA received 24 new reviews with an average rating of 4.48. In October, VHA received 28 new reviews with an average rating of 4.03. This is 5 times more reviews than they were receiving prior to this initiative.

Furthermore, the upward trajectory in phone calls to the clinic, increasing from 1,470 in August to 1,626 in September and 1,918 in October, underscores the tangible business benefits of VHA's strategic approach. This analysis highlights the effectiveness of strategic online reputation management in driving business growth and enhancing local search visibility within a relatively short timeframe.

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