Veterinary Digital Marketing:
by industry experts

Digital marketing (online marketing) is such a vast entity, and we know you probably have many questions about how it all works. How can it benefit my practice? Which veterinary digital marketing tools do I need? The list of questions you’re asking yourself might be a long one, and we can answer them all. All of the veterinary digital marketing tools that we offer at InTouch Practice Communications are designed to work together to help you share your message with the public. Think of these tools like the different parts of a car. One marketing tool is like the battery, another is like the fuel pump, another is like the ignition coils…you get the idea. The point is, just like all of these parts are necessary COLLECTIVELY to for your engine to run successfully, you need a variety of digital marketing tools for your practice to run successfully.

Here’s a breakdown of how our online marketing tools work together:

Website: A custom veterinary website serves as a hub where anyone in the world can learn about your practice.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Having SEO as part of your digital marketing helps your website and social media pages get found by people who live near your practice, a.k.a. your target audience.

Social Media Advertising: Having a social media platform (or platforms) helps users interact with your practice on a social level. It also lets pet owners review your practice, allows you to advertise your services, serves as a window to your website, and more.

Reputation Monitoring: Having your online reputation monitored helps you stay aware of what people are saying about your practice on social media and review sites.

Lucky for you, we have a great deal of expertise with all of these digital tools, and we’re here to help. We’ll be happy to speak with you about what we offer and how these tools can benefit your practice. If you want a head start, visit each of the individual digital marketing pages above to learn more. Our marketing tools have helped thousands of clients. Visit the next page to see our portfolio and what clients are saying about our products!

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