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Grooming for Spring

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If your cat or dog is shedding more than usual, don’t worry, they’re probably just shedding their winter coat. Extra shedding in the springtime is completely normal. Bringing your pet to our practice for regular grooming visits will keep the shedding in check and keep your pet looking and feeling good. Schedule your pet’s next grooming appointment when we return to the line.

Option 2

It’s getting warmer so your pet doesn’t need their thick winter coat, so you may notice that they’ve started shedding more than usual. It’s a natural occurrence, so don’t get irritated with your pet. Instead, get ahead of the shedding by scheduling a grooming appointment at our practice, and let our team rid your pet of their excess fur.

Flea Prevention

Option 1

It’s getting warmer outside, and this is the time fleas begin to rear their ugly heads. Fleas are a nuisance, no matter how you look at it. Keep your pet protected this spring – and all the other seasons too – by keeping them on a parasite preventative. We can schedule a consultation for you when we return to your call so you can speak with a doctor about which parasite preventative best fits their lifestyle.

Option 2

If you keep your pet on a parasite preventative all year-long, keep it up! Parasites like fleas become more abundant as the weather gets warmer, but they don’t completely go away when it gets cold outside. If your pet is not on a parasite preventative, let us know when we come back to your call, and we’ll schedule an appointment with one of our doctors so they can help you choose the right preventative for your pet.

Boarding for Spring Vacation

Option 1

Planning to hit the road during spring break? Let your pet stay with us while you’re away. It will be like they’re on their own little vacation! We offer great boarding accommodations, and have been known to spoil our guests. We’d be happy to make your pet’s reservation when we return to your call. Remember to book your pet’s stay early because we fill up fast this time of year.

Option 2

If you have to leave town but your pet can’t come along, don’t leave them alone at home. Instead, leave them with us! We have a clean, safe, and climate-controlled boarding facility; and all of our guests are pampered and spoiled by our well-trained and knowledgeable team. If you have questions about our boarding accommodations, or want to make a reservation for your pet, let a team member know when we return.


Option 1

When a pet gets lost or runs away, it’s a terribly sad situation – especially if the pet is never found. Don’t let this happen to you or your pet… get them microchipped! Microchipping is an easy and permanent way to stay connected with your pet, and it increases the chances of a happy reunion if your pet is ever separated from you. Ask us about microchipping when we return to the line.

Option 2

Microchipping your pet is never a bad idea. Our team highly recommends getting this procedure done to increase the chances of them being reunited with you if they ever get lost or run off. If your pet is already microchipped, make sure your contact information is current. If your pet isn’t microchipped schedule an appointment to have that procedure done when we return to the line.

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