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COVID-19 Response

Option 1

During this uncertain time, we want to make sure your pet is cared for, and your safety and health, as well as that of our staff, is of the utmost importance…so we’re operating within the guidelines of our local area. Please note that as the current situation is fluid, our office hours are subject to change each day. Ask us about hours of operation and information on how we’re handling appointments when we return to the line. Thank you for your patience.

Option 2

Due to our area’s Coronavirus “stay-at-home” order, only curbside appointments are available and pet parents may not enter our facility. When you arrive, remain in your car, call our office and a member of our staff will come to take your pet inside. After examination, we’ll call you with findings and treatment recommendations. Upon your verbal approval, we’ll treat your pet and then take your credit card payment by phone. Then we’ll bring your pet back to your vehicle. For further updates, please visit our website and Facebook page.

Option 3

As we weather the COVID-19 epidemic, please help us keep our facility safe and sanitary to keep you and our staff healthy. Currently, we’re only allowing our pet patients to enter the building. An exception will be made in the case of Euthanasia, in which case we will only allow one person inside. Please call us prior to arriving, so we can prepare for curbside service. We will communicate with you by phone, convey information about your pet and take payment by credit card for the visit. Upon completion of the exam or service, we’ll bring your pet back to your car.

Option 4

Is your pet experiencing an emergency? We’re open and will respond. Please phone us and bring them to our office entrance. We’ll bring them inside and tend to them, but we must ask that you wait in your car, so we can keep you and our staff safe and healthy. Once the situation is under control, we’ll call you with an update. For more information on our protocol during the Coronavirus pandemic, please refer to the information posted on our website.

Option 5

As an essential provider during the current COVID-19 situation, we want to reassure you that we are here to serve your pet’s health needs. Our office is open, but we are operating with a skeleton crew and ask for your patience and understanding. Ask us about hours of operation and information about how we’re handling appointments when we return to the line. Thank you for your patience.

Option 6

We’re monitoring the Coronavirus situation closely and working to make sure that caring for your pet remains seamless and ongoing. We’ve adjusted many of our protocols, like practicing social distancing, providing curbside service and offering convenient Telemedicine, to make sure your companion gets the medical attention they need. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we all work together to weather the storm.

Option 7

During these uncertain times, we want you to know that we’re here for you and your pet. We’re keeping our office sanitary and operating according to our local area guidelines. Minimizing human contact is the best way to stop the spread of this virus and we’re taking extra precautions to limit exposure. Curbside service allows us to care for your pet while you remain safely outside the building and we will communicate as much information as possible by phone. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Option 8

Unprecedented times call for innovative measures. That’s why we’re offering Telemedicine consults for situations that may not need a trip to our office, so that we may offer your pet care in the comfort of your home. If diagnostics or treatments are necessary, we’ll provide instructions on how to bring your pet to the practice. Find our Telemedicine platform and instructions on our website.

Option 9

To maintain social distancing, medications and food may be picked up curbside. Let us know by phone when you need food or medication and we’ll alert you when it’s ready and collect payment by phone. When you arrive at our office for pick-up, call us and we’ll let you know how you’ll receive your order. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Option 10

The Coronavirus is moving across state lines, so the situation is constantly changing. Protocols may vary from state to state, county to county and city to city. To provide the most accurate information on these changes as they occur, we’re posting updates on our Facebook page.

Option 11

To protect our team and minimize public risk, we ask that any client who is experiencing illness or has come in contact with someone who is positive or is suspected to be positive for the Coronavirus reschedule their pet’s appointment or reach out for our guidance. We are limiting human interaction, are not allowing clients into the building and are following local guidelines inside our hospital. Thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding.

Option 12

Life has changed a great deal as we adjust to social distancing and ordering items for delivery to our home has become necessary. Our practice is working to make sure you’re able to continue to get your pet’s medications, food, flea, tick and heartworm medications shipped directly to you. Just visit our online store on our website to place your order. For assistance or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

Option 13

Things are constantly changing regarding the COVID-19 pandemic; therefore, we ask that you visit our website for the most up to date information regarding our services.

Option 14

We understand you may require our services as our nation battles the COVID-19 pandemic. Please follow our Facebook page for the latest updates on how we can serve you.

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