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At Steele Creek Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for your pet. We will always place your pet's health and safety as our number one priority. Alongside our general services, we also offer a rehabilitation center to help pet's recover.

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Choosing a Veterinarian in Charlotte, NC

Choosing a new veterinarian in Charlotte, NC for your pet can be tough. There are a lot of different animal hospitals in the area but choosing the best one to take your pet to is important

Here's what you should be looking for when choosing a veterinarian in Charlotte: 

Veterinary Services Offered

You should always make sure that your veterinarian offers services that your pet needs now and that they might need in the future. Steele Creek Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinarian offering a wide variety of different services including vaccinations, spay and neuter, surgery, teeth cleaning, emergency care, laser therapy, pet allergies, acupuncture, euthanasia, senior care, wellness exams, puppy and kitten care, and more!


You want a veterinarian in Charlotte that will be able to handle any treatment for your pet with precision and care. You also want your vet to be able to have the experience necessary to handle anything unexpected that comes up. The doctors at Steele Creek have years of experience working in the veterinarian field.

Reputation and Reviews

Don't choose a new veterinarian without doing your homework. Checking and looking at reviews will help you get a better feel of the practice and what others think of it.

Steele Creek Animal Hospital is very well reviewed with over 200 positive reviews at the time of this writing. You can view these reviews here.

Services We Offer


We offer a variety of core and non-core vaccinations for both dogs and cats. Keeping your pet vaccinated is crucial to keep them protected from diseases.

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Spay and Neuter

Spay and neuter surgeries are important for every single pet. It offers them a variety of behavioral health benefits and just boosts their overall health as well.

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Teeth Cleaning

We offer comprehensive teeth cleaning to both cats and dogs. Keeping their teeth clean helps to keep them safe from a variety of oral diseases including periodontal disease.

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Emergency Care

If your pet is experiencing an emergency, please give us a call and we can offer emergency care during our normal operating hours.

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