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Is Duplicate Content a Threat to Your SEO?

Any business that relies on digital marketing will be protective of their SEO and wary of any potential threats to their SEO efforts. Since SEO is so vital for today’s veterinary practices, these sentiments are understandable. Perhaps your practice has just invested a significant sum into digital marketing and SEO; it’s only natural that you…
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What Veterinary Consolidators Need in Their Digital Marketing Partner

As a veterinary consolidator, one of your biggest priorities is to acquire veterinary practices and make them as profitable as possible. Acquisition can be challenging enough, but building up multiple successful vet practices is extremely challenging as well. This juggling act isn’t something your firm should be doing on its own. You need a skilled,…
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How to Create a Positive Workplace Culture for Your Veterinary Practice

How do you define “workplace culture?” You might say it’s the atmosphere you cultivate at your practice, or a specific theme that encompasses your practice as a whole. Maybe you have a list of core values by which your team abides, or a comprehensive mission statement that influences every aspect of your practice. Regardless, we…
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How to Set the Right Marketing Budget for Your Veterinary Practice

  by Bill Schroeder One of the most common conversations I have with veterinary practices revolves around how much money they should be funneling into their marketing budget. While the answer usually depends on many unique practice and market factors, I thought I’d share some information that might help you evaluate your specific situation and investment.…
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Is Your Practice Achieving Its Marketing Goals?
How to Track Your Results

by Bill Schroeder Recently, while addressing a group of veterinarians and practice managers, I asked for volunteers to tell me about their marketing experience. One practice manager raised her hand and said that she has been doing digital marketing for her veterinary practice for many years. I pressed further and asked her if the practice…
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6 SEO Tips for Emergency Vets: How to Improve Your Google Rankings

Your emergency vet practice provides a much-needed service to its community. You save lives and give pet owners peace of mind. But while your services are certainly essential for anyone with a four-legged family member, you still need to work just as hard as any other business to foster awareness of your practice online. Google…
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What You Should Know About Migrating Your Site & Losing SEO “Juice”

Watch our video below for a discussion with Bill and Carl about SEO juice, and how to avoid losing ground when you move your website to a new host: Are you a vet practice owner or veterinarian (or both) looking to migrate your website to a new website provider/marketing agency? Are you worried this move…
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Our Donation to VEG Cares:
Supporting Vets, Pets, and People

At InTouch, our dedication to our clients’ success is just one part of the larger story. We’re passionate about helping practices and helping our fellow humans and their 4-legged companions. We cherish the special bond people share with their pets, and we believe in supporting organizations that nurture this bond as much as possible. Meet…
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COVID Message On-Hold Programs: Why Your Practice Needs Them

Keep confusion and frustration about your COVID policies to a minimum at your vet practice. We know the veterinary industry has had its share of obstacles over the last couple of years, and staying ahead of ever-changing COVID protocols and recommendations is one of them! If there’s one thing virtually every industry has in common,…
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5 Reasons You Need a Blog on Your Vet Website

If you’re serious about growing your vet practice with the help of your website, then you’ll need to have a regularly-updated blog filled with high-quality, keyword-rich content that throws some extra weight behind all your marketing efforts. When it’s done well, blogging can do amazing things for your vet website and your practice, and help…
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How to Get Your Exotic Animal Vet Practice to Appear in Search

Veterinary practices offering exotic care services or exclusively exotic veterinarians are not as common as general dog and cat practices. You want exotic pet owners in your community to be aware of your presence and become a loyal client of your practice. To do that, your website is going to need some work. The driving…
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Meet Bill Schroeder, the Man Who Makes Lectures Fun and Highly Educational

When you hear words like “lecture,” or “speaking engagement,” you probably don’t get all that excited. Bill Schroeder, co-founder and lead educator of InTouch, has changed that. With over 15 years of speaking under his belt, he creates interactive, impactful, and most of all, enjoyable presentations for veterinary professionals not just throughout the country, but…
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