Flex Plus Membership: How Does It Benefit Your Business?

When you own and/or work at a veterinary practice, anything that can make operations run smoothly is certainly welcome! With a Flex Plus membership, you can streamline your message on-hold process and spend more time and energy serving your patients and clients. Message on-hold is an important marketing tool for vet practices, because with your staff so busy caring for patients and assisting pet owners, they may not have time to answer general questions about your business or alert clients to new promotions, hour changes, and more.

We created the Flex Plus membership plan to help veterinary staff stay on top of their message on-hold marketing with minimal hassle. Below, we’ll tell you what the membership entails and why it’s a must-have for your team.

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Primary Features of the Flex Plus Membership

Our Flex Plus membership comes with several convenient and helpful features that can cut down on time spent managing your message on-hold programs, while increasing their value.

Here’s what the Flex Plus membership offers:

  • Unlimited Changes to Messages and Music

    Any time you want to make a change to a message or update your program music, you can! There’s no catch—you really can make as many changes as you want. All you have to do is ask, and specify your changes to our team so we can update your program(s) accordingly. If there’s any reason to upgrade to a Flex Plus membership, this is definitely it.

  • Create Short Subject Programs at Any Time

    If there’s any industry that requires rolling with the punches, it’s veterinary medicine. To stay on top of rapid changes at your practice and in the industry as a whole, you can create short, single-topic on-hold programs at no extra cost. These programs are designed to be agile and rolled out quickly so you can keep pet owners in the know! The COVID-19 pandemic is just one example of the importance of having short form programs you can produce quickly to inform clients about new protocols at your practice.

  • An Informative, Monthly Message On-Hold Newsletter

    It’s not just any newsletter. Our message on-hold monthly newsletter is designed to help your veterinary practice, with a small collection of seasonal Quick Adds topics you can use to update your message on-hold program. If you would like to add more helpful content to your program, take a moment to peruse our topic suggestions and either use pre-recorded messages provided by us, or craft your own messages based on the topic ideas we provide in our newsletter. The great thing about pre-recorded messages is that they can be customized and integrated into your program much more quickly.

  • Free and Timely Tech Support from Our Team

    Our last Flex Plus membership perk is our reliable tech support. At zero cost to you, our team can provide you with technical support if you ever have questions, concerns, or requests for your message on-hold program! You can contact the InTouch team Monday through Friday for all your message on-hold and Flex Plus needs.

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Why You Should Get a Flex Plus Membership

If you’re still not sure if a Flex Plus membership is the right investment for your veterinary practice, consider these benefits:

  • It Makes Life Easier for Your Team

    If you want to simplify your message on-hold marketing process, a Flex Plus membership can do that and more. With quick response times from our team and prompt program changes, you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

  • It’s a Major Time-Saver

    When you need quick changes to be made to your on-hold program, you can expect a quick turnaround with your Flex Plus membership. Our team will put your request on the fast track and maintain contact with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Furthermore, since we can provide you with topic ideas in the form of Quick Adds, staff that may be responsible for formulating ideas on their end will be able to generate program topics much faster.

  • You’ll Feel More at Ease

    Veterinary medicine is stressful. We understand how hectic the profession can be, and when you throw marketing into the mix, things can really start piling up! With a Flex Plus membership, you can relax a little and be assured that your message on-hold needs are being addressed by our efficient team of professionals. If you have any urgent requests, don’t hesitate to let us know! We’ll do all we can to help you.

  • It’s More Affordable

    With Flex Plus, you pay just one annual fee for unlimited changes. Yes, you heard right! You’ll be able to save a considerable sum with Flex Plus, so there’s no need to worry about paying for small, simple changes.

Give Our Flex Plus Membership Service a Try

InTouch has been providing stellar message on-hold services to businesses for decades, and we’re proud to offer our Flex Plus membership to make your program updates convenient and almost unbelievably easy.

Learn more about Flex Plus and give us a call at (800) 493-9003 today!