How to Humanize Your Veterinary Team and Connect with Pet Owners

Daily life at a veterinary practice can be stressful, hectic, and more than a little crazy. And sometimes, you need to remind your wonderful clients that you’re human, and you’re doing the best you can. If a pet owner knows something is wrong with their four-legged family member, it’s natural for their concern and anxiety to override their usual civility. However, the stress and frustration of the pet owner can rub off on your team, resulting in a continuous loop of negativity that can seriously hurt your practice in the long run.

As a veterinary practice, you have to tread that fine line between being a business that needs to make a profit, and being a group of compassionate, selfless, capable human beings who would do anything to help others. How can you make it clearer to pet owners that you’re not just a business, but a group of animal lovers that truly cares?

It's all in the marketing. If you want people to see the humans behind the brand, then you need to take the steps necessary to make that possible. We will discuss those steps below, and explain how they can benefit your practice and your clients.

Here are our foolproof tips for humanizing your veterinary team.

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4 Tips for Humanizing Your Veterinary Team

To humanize your veterinary team and build stronger connections with your clients, there are several things you can do. The goal here is to build empathy and trust, and show your team for the wonderful human beings they are.

Build Out an Unforgettable Team Page on Your Website

The team page on your veterinary website is the second most popular page for people to visit, next to the home page. Pet owners want to know who you are, so make it worth their while!

Here are some tips to liven up your team page and make it extra welcoming:

  • Ensure consistency of photos (same high quality, same uniform, similar backdrop)
  • Have your staff members pose with their pets
  • Big smiles!
  • Include one (or three) fun facts about each team member, something that goes beyond their professional credentials and basic background
  • Instead of asking for creds and professional background info, have your team members answer questions like “What drew you into the veterinary profession?” or, “What inspires you to come to work every day?”
  • Instead of static team photos, think about filming a short video of each team member talking about their passion for veterinary medicine, or interacting with a pet

Create Social Media Posts About Individual Team Members

Featuring team members on your various social media accounts is a great way to introduce them to pet owners, or reveal a familiar face to your existing clients/followers. It helps to remind your audience that your staff is comprised of unique and amazing individuals with families, hobbies, and feelings.

You can do weekly “Meet the Team” posts with each team member getting their own dedicated post with a photo, a fun fact, and/or a noteworthy accomplishment. It’s totally OK to brag about how great your team is to your audience, so don’t be afraid to let them shine! Pet owners love seeing their favorite staff, and meeting new staff members.

Create “Be Kind” Messages for Social Media and Message On-Hold

It never hurts to spread a little kindness. When we talk about creating “be kind” messages, we don’t mean putting out condescending messages that chide pet owners. What we actually mean is letting pet owners know how much you care about them and their pets, and that you are working diligently to meet their needs, regardless of the challenges your team faces daily.

Letting pet owners get a small glimpse into your world can inspire empathy and understanding, and help to decrease or prevent friction if a conflict arises.

Here’s an example of a message you can give your clients:

To all our wonderful, loyal clients,

Due to __________ circumstances, ABC Animal Hospital is receiving an unusually large influx of patients. Please know that our team is committed to giving each patient and client the care and attention they deserve. This may result in longer wait times, but we can assure you that we are working hard to accommodate everyone and provide the same high level of care each time. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented circumstances, and we want to remind you all that we are extremely grateful for your continued support!

Get Involved in Your Community

Many vet practices are highly involved in their communities. They hold events, partner with rescues, and give back as much as possible. If you are not already doing these things, consider how you and your team can participate in local fundraisers and other community-building events. You can start small, and open a booth at a local festival. This sort of activity allows your team to get to know pet owners in the area, and vice versa. It’s a great way to build awareness of your practice and develop relationships with pets and pet owners. It also shows that your practice has a giving spirit, and is truly a part of the community.

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