7 Videos You Need to Use to Market Your Vet Practice

Video is the ultimate marketing medium. It’s catchy, interesting, and can hold your audience’s attention in ways that plain copy and still images can’t. In short, video is a must if you want to market your veterinary practice, and do so in a way that helps you stand out and look more appealing than your competitors.

But, before you get started, it’s important to have a specific audience and marketing goal in mind. Who are you making your videos for?

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Before you can start coming up with ideas for video content, you need to first ask yourself who your intended audience is going to be. Who exactly are you trying to communicate with, and for what purpose?

Your audience(s) may include:

  • A specific group of pet owners (dog owners, cat owners, exotics owners)
  • Pet owners (potential new clients)
  • Pet owners (established clients)
  • Potential new staff members/job candidates
  • Staff members at your practice looking for career advancement or other relevant information
  • Other vets/vet practices that might refer to your practice for specific services

Next, you need to clarify your priorities for your intended audience.

Identify Your Priorities for Your Video Audience

Once you have established your video audience, the next questions you need to answer are, “What am I communicating to my audience?” and “What is my priority for them?” What are you aiming to achieve by targeting your specific audience?

When you have an established audience and a solid goal (or set of goals) to accomplish, the video development process will start to flow.

Types of Videos to Create for Your Target Audience

Identifying your audience is the first step. This helps you define the goal of your video campaign. Next, you need to consider what type of video your audience will need in order for you to achieve your goal.

Below are some video ideas to help you move forward with your vet team.

  • Videos to Help with Hiring/Recruiting

    Recruiting is a huge priority for many vet practices, and one way to drive applications and grow your team is to use video marketing to promote your practice culture and help to answer the question “why should you work here?” You can promote scholarships for vet students, feature events your team takes part in outside of work to show how you all interact with one another, and create individual video “bios” to introduce all your team members.
    Video is an excellent medium for promoting your practice culture. Applicants want to love their workplace! Team member testimonials and introductory videos of leadership staff can give applicants the confidence they need to choose your practice over others. It can also make the recruiting process less intimidating to your applicants.

  • Videos that Show What Makes Your Practice Different

    If you’re aiming to set yourself apart from your competitors, it may be a good idea to create videos that promote what makes your practice unique. Build trust by talking about your AAHA status, your Fear Free Professionals/Practice, or your Cat Friendly environment. Did your practice recently win a local “Best Of” award? Share the good news on video and thank your community for their votes!  

  • Practice Tour Videos

    The classic “virtual tour” video shows potential new clients what to expect when they visit your practice. It also gives you the opportunity to show off your beautiful facility beyond the reception desk, and showcase all your high-end tech. Give pet owners the chance to step inside your practice without leaving the comfort of home, and show your amazing team at work!

  • Videos to Spotlight a Service or Product

    You just built out an incredible daycare center at your practice. Now what? Time for a video—show off your new daycare facility and all its amenities! Give dog owners a first look at what their pets can expect when they visit. Let them see pups having fun with your staff. Do a voiceover that talks about what your daycare center offers, and what pet owners need to do to enroll their pet.

    When you introduce a new service or product into your practice, you want to market it hard so people know it’s available. Investing in video can help draw attention to your service and generate buzz in your community.

  • Practice Owner/Employee Interview Videos

    A good way to build trust and credibility with your audience is to have your practice owner, medical director, or other key team member sit down for a brief video interview. This interview can help peel back the curtain, so to speak, on team members who play a major role in helping the practice run smoothly and provide exceptional service. They oversee the direction of the practice and the health of their patients—knowing their story and how they do things can make your practice feel more personal to your clients, and to potential new clients.

  • Client Testimonial Videos

    Client testimonial videos can help your practice appeal to more potential new clients by dispelling any doubts they might have about choosing you. Many clients use reviews to guide their purchasing decisions, and seeing a real pet owner talking about their positive experience and why they keep coming back to you lends further validity to their claims. There is more sincerity in actually seeing a real live person praising your practice.

  • Specialty Referral Videos for Other Vet Practices

    Does your practice offer specialty services for which many vets in the area refer their patients? If you want to drive more referrals to your hospital, consider doing a video that features your specialty services and invites referrals from other vets. Maybe you offer advanced/overnight emergency services, orthopedic surgery, endoscopy, or something else that sets you apart from other practices in the area. Raise awareness of your capabilities with the help of high-quality video.

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Where Should Your Videos be Shown?

There are several key places to share your video for maximum engagement.

  • Your Website

    Your website is one of the best places to feature video for your practice. The hero section of your homepage is ideal for showing off your facility, your team, and the services and technology you offer. It’s a great introductory piece and will make your website look fantastic.

    Your team page, which is the second most-visited page on your website, can also benefit from video. A video that lets your team and practice culture shine can brighten up your website and make your practice look even more inviting. It lends personality and liveliness to your brand.

    If you’re doing recruiting videos, you’ll want to feature those on your recruiting website (if you have one), or on your careers page.

  • Social Media

    Sharing video on your social media platforms is a must! Whether you’re trying to drive brand awareness or catch the attention of potential new employees, making your videos accessible and shareable on social media will get them in front of a lot more people.

Get Custom, Top-Tier Video with InTouch

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