The 7 Pillars of Effective SEO Copywriting

seo copywriting

When it’s time to discuss copy with a web marketing client, the conversation tends to lag. Web design is fun and interesting, but copywriting? It’s just words on a page, and anyone can write words on a page. And for search engine optimization (SEO), all you have to do is toss in a few keywords here and there and you’re golden, right?


Though copy may not be as flashy and exciting as design, it plays a huge role in making your website dynamic, intuitive, and meaningful. Web design without copy might still be shiny and pretty, but what is its purpose? What is it trying to say? If you can’t answer those questions on your website, you might as well be shouting into the void.

And a website isn’t complete just because it has any old copy on it. Is it high-quality, custom SEO copywriting that’s relevant to your brand? Does the copy provide clear, useful information to the end user? Does it inspire users to take action? Does it answer their questions and show them that you can solve their problems?

Web design alone can’t achieve those things. But if you have great web design with well-written SEO copywriting, your website will make a stronger impact, reach a wider audience, and get results.

seo copywriting

How Do You Write Quality SEO Content?

First, consider the 7 crucial things that SEO copywriting needs to accomplish:

  1. It communicates. We think, speak, and describe using words. They’re how we communicate with one another and make sense of the world around us.
  2. It clarifies. Words are on a website for the express benefit (and clarification) of the end user. Copy should never be used just to fill a page. It’s there to present clear, concise information that is organized to provide the most intuitive and seamless user experience possible.
  3. It elicits thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Have you ever read something that made you laugh, reminded you of something from the past, inspired you to try out a new hobby, or convinced you to purchase a product or service?
  4. It creates a conversation. With copy, you’re speaking directly to your prospective customers and showing them how you can answer their questions, cater to their needs, and make their life better.
  5. It has a purpose. Copy supports the purpose of every page on your website. This means that it defines a service, explains a product, or provides useful information that will help the user and, ideally, move them to engage with your brand.
  6. It inspires action. A call to action (or CTA for short) is a simple phrase that prompts you to…well, take action. “Call today,” “click here,” “buy now,” “let’s get started,” “request an appointment,” and “start your free 30-day trial” are all CTAs—their job is to nudge you into booking that appointment or buying that subscription.
  7. It ranks. And last but definitely not least: Copy makes it possible for pages to rank in Google’s search engine and become more visible to a wider audience. Quality copywriting is essential for not only creating a satisfying experience for your customers, but helping your site rank well against the competition and giving you a chance to increase the size and scope of your business.

The Copy Must Flow

Google is better than ever at crawling websites and being able to differentiate between those that are written well, and those that are not. While keyword usage is extremely important for SEO, the keywords must be placed carefully and not interrupt the flow of the copy. Stuffing dozens of keywords into the copy regardless of their placement will turn your website into a nonsensical mess—and Google will notice. Plus, it’s off-putting to go to a website and see “South Florida veterinarian” or “animal hospital in New York” on every other line. Less really can be more!

seo copywriting

Find Your Copywriter

So you’ve got your hands full running a business. You simply don’t have the time or energy to write copy for your website. We get it–that’s why we’re here! At InTouch, our copywriters have learned (and continue to learn) all there is to know about SEO best practices and helping businesses put their best foot forward. We take time to get to know our clients and understand what drives them and sets them apart from the rest.

We make sure that your website doesn’t just rank; we also want it to reflect your business in every way—from your values to the services you provide. An amazing brand deserves an amazing website.