Meet Bill Schroeder, the Man Who Makes Lectures Fun and Highly Educational

When you hear words like “lecture,” or “speaking engagement,” you probably don’t get all that excited. Bill Schroeder, co-founder and lead educator of InTouch, has changed that. With over 15 years of speaking under his belt, he creates interactive, impactful, and most of all, enjoyable presentations for veterinary professionals not just throughout the country, but around the world. Bill aims to give you tools and techniques you can use to improve your vet practice and achieve all your business goals.

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How It All Started

Bill attended many veterinary lectures of his own before becoming a speaker himself. And with each speaking engagement he attended, he became increasingly disappointed by the content and manner in which the veterinary industry was being educated. He grew frustrated with the fact that attendees were often presented with problems lacking realistic and workable solutions. What’s more, attendees were being spoken to in ways that were hard to understand and follow–with text-heavy PowerPoint slides and dry presentations from which few were likely to gain anything useful.

For Bill, this realization proved to be life-changing, and it gave him the incentive to step up and actually help people and vet practices do better.

What Bill Loves Most About Being a Speaker

Bill loves helping people understand how to better themselves, grow their veterinary practices, and help more pets. With the real world experience, communication skills, and sense of humor that make his presentations so unique and educational, Bill is able to guide his audience and help them achieve remarkable results. He enjoys helping practice owners and staff members understand how to reach and impact local pet owners through strong communication plans and deft digital marketing.

By making his presentations lively and interactive, Bill encourages everyone in the audience to engage, have fun, and most importantly, retain the information they’re given for future implementation. He firmly believes that people retain more information when they’re having fun. When you attend one of Bill’s presentations, you can expect to laugh, receive evidence-based, custom content molded around your practice’s needs, and leave with easy-to-implement techniques surrounding today’s communication and marketing opportunities.

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How He’s Helped Countless People and Veterinary Practices

Bill’s goal is to help people return to their vet practices with a clear plan to implement the techniques and lessons he provided. He is regularly honored by repeat attendees who speak to the fact that they used his lessons to reduce the burden on their staff, increase efficiency of operations, reach more local pet owners, and reduce marketing expenditures.

One attendee who implemented Bill’s techniques with paid search was able to reduce their Google and Facebook expenditures by 40%, while doubling the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. These kinds of results motivate Bill to do more to help veterinary practices achieve greater success and care for more patients.

Dr. Kent Greer of River Oaks Animal Hospital sums up his own experience: “I’ve just spent 6 hours with Bill Schroeder attending lectures on social media and digital marketing. And, I’ve got to tell you that I’ve spent about 600 hours in education sessions over the last 20+ years and this was the most productive 6 hours I’ve ever had. I got some information today that I know I will be able to take back to my practice, implement immediately and improve my profitability. I can’t wait to use these new ideas. Thank you very much, Bill.”

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Why Bill’s Techniques Work

Bill’s presentations aren’t crafted to just be enjoyable. His lectures are based on real-world, “needle-moving” techniques that the rest of the InTouch team uses regularly to help veterinary practices grow and succeed in their local markets. Bill’s engagements are bursting at the seams with essential tips and techniques that attendees can easily put into practice themselves when they return to work. With a fully transparent approach, Bill is able to give his audiences easily digestible and practical information in a lively setting.

Why You Should Hire Bill

The former United States Marine and Chicago Cubs fan graduated from Purdue University’s AAHA Veterinary Management Institute and sat on the board of directors for VetPartners, a group of expert consultants who work with veterinary practices to help them reach their full potential. Bill also currently teaches marketing and social media strategy in Purdue’s Veterinary Practice Management Program and MBA curriculum.

As co-founder of InTouch Practice Communications, Bill has over 25 years of experience in veterinary marketing and has worked with thousands of veterinary practices during this time. He has also lent his services to many of the largest veterinary conferences in the world, including WVC, VMX, AAHA, FETCH, and the Southern European Veterinary Conference, to name a few.

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Big or small, your group will receive a tailored presentation that’s as entertaining as it is educational. Bill goes to great lengths to make each presentation as customized as possible for his attendees. He gets to know the people he’s working with and learns about their specific needs. It doesn’t matter if the group he’s speaking to consists of 10 people in the back room of a steakhouse, or a lecture hall filled with 1,000+– Bill makes sure everyone in attendance feels understood and empowered.

We’re happy to sing Bill Schroeder’s praises, but if you want to learn more and hire Bill for a future event, click here.