Tani’s 10 Year Anniversary!

Today, InTouch has hit a milestone, as we celebrate Tani’s 10 year anniversary.

A lot happens in a decade… and we are happy to have been along for the ride with Tani. We are lucky to have scooped Tani up right after she graduated from college. While this isn’t her first job, this was her first career move. Tani applied for a reception position to get her foot in the door, and quickly moved into our scriptwriting department and then to our sales department where she has taken care of clients ever since.

If you have a “Tani” on your team, you know exactly what I’m talking about. She’s the team member who is always striving to get more. She cares about the organization and its members. She is an awesome client advocate, always making sure their needs are exceeded. She is the voice of reason. She’s the go-getter, the stay-later, the sore feet convention floor master; but most of all she’s the kind, loving, positive, and generous member of your team.

I’m fortunate to know Tani, and InTouch is a better place because of her. We have traveled all over God’s green earth together, spreading the word about “InTouch”, meeting new clients who become friends, and greeting old friends who have been clients for years. Some business owners would say, “It’s business… not personal.” But for us, business is personal.

We have watched Tani hit other milestones in this decade: buying cars, buying houses, getting married, and best of all, having children. Her “home” family has become part of our “work” family.

Tonight, we will celebrate Tani “InTouch Style”. We will tell old stories, eat way too many tacos, drink a few too many margaritas (a Tani favorite) and end the night with a bonfire. Someone will undoubtedly laugh so hard they will cry (it’s kinda our thing), and someone will probably even prove that they can still “moonwalk” (it’s a great party trick). All the while we’ll be remembering that it’s our team who truly makes a difference. At InTouch, happiness equals success.

People around the office often hear me say, “I know InTouch is just one rock in your path of life, but if you learn one good thing and one bad thing while you’re here, it prepares you for the next step.” I truly mean that. Tani always gets upset when I say that and comes back with, “I’m a lifer, stop trying to get rid of me.” She doesn’t realize that it’s become my “mantra” as a defense mechanism. I guess it’s because… it’s personal.

So thank you, Tani. Thank you for a wonderful decade. Thank you for always giving 110%. Thank you for choosing InTouch to be a part of your life. You. Are. Awesome.