Our Donation to VEG Cares:
Supporting Vets, Pets, and People

At InTouch, our dedication to our clients’ success is just one part of the larger story. We’re passionate about helping practices and helping our fellow humans and their 4-legged companions. We cherish the special bond people share with their pets, and we believe in supporting organizations that nurture this bond as much as possible.

Meet Veterinary Emergency Group

Along with the work we do on the marketing side of things, we recently had the privilege of donating to and supporting VEG Cares, a charity organized by Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG), one of our many successful and valued clients.

VEG is a growing animal ER with multiple locations around the country. Their mission is to deliver emergency care in a way that supports the human-animal bond. Everything they do is designed to maximize the comfort of their patients and clients and make sure all their needs are met.

What is VEG Cares?

VEG Cares was established to help under-served pets. 100% of all donations collected from fundraisers, generous families, and vendor partnerships go towards pets in need of treatment. VEG works with the Veterinary Care Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, to collect and distribute the funds to those that need it most.

We wholeheartedly endorse the incredible work that VEG and many of our other vet clients do to help pets and people. We believe in the generosity and compassion of others, and aim to do our part as well. VEG is a huge force for charitable giving in dozens of communities throughout the country, and we hope this inspires you to take part as well.

“InTouch was built to support and promote veterinary professionals in their pet care journey. VEG and VEG Cares are outstanding examples of this purpose. It is our pleasure to help them reach more pet owners, treat more pets, and shine a light on the amazing work they do each and every day!”

Bill Schroeder, Senior Vice President of InTouch