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Educating Your Clients on Holiday Pet Safety

By intouch | April 28, 2017

Whether it’s the dark chocolate at Valentine’s Day, or the sparkling tinsel at Christmas time, there are many things about the holidays that can be dangerous to pets. The question is: Are you doing enough to educate your clients on these potential hazards? Sure, talking to them during their pet’s annual wellness visits is one…

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The Eyes Have It: Good Graphics Can Make Your Website Pop

By intouch | April 20, 2017

Let’s face it… most web surfers don’t really want to read long blocks of copy. In today’s mobile device-driven society, it’s hard to keep the attention of web surfers. People want to get the information they need from your website fast. Good graphics provide a fast information delivery system and should do at least one…

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First Impressions Matter for Your Practice

By Laura Beasley | April 10, 2017

What kind of impression are you presenting to the world? Do you walk into a room filled with people, trying to be noticed, or do you follow the perimeters of that room, observing the behavior of others? Whether your tendencies are introverted or extroverted, I think we can all agree that first impressions matter in…

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Domains, Hosting, FTP… What do These Terms Mean?

By NikkiT | April 5, 2017

Whether you have a website or you’re looking to purchase one, you’re going to have questions about what steps you need to take to get a gorgeous finished product. You’ll probably ask questions such as: “What do I buy to get my website live?”, “Should I own my domain name?”, “How many domain names should…

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