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Tani’s 10 Year Anniversary!

By Katie Schroeder | May 26, 2017

Today, InTouch has hit a milestone, as we celebrate Tani’s 10 year anniversary. A lot happens in a decade… and we are happy to have been along for the ride with Tani. We are lucky to have scooped Tani up right after she graduated from college. While this isn’t her first job, this was her…

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How to Boost Employee Morale

By KimS | May 23, 2017

Smiles, words of encouragement, recognition, laughter… These are all things that make most people feel good. People who feel good have better attitudes and are more productive. Let’s paint a picture of a day at a veterinary practice where an employee is not in the best of spirits. We’ll call this employee “Joe”. Joe arrives…

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The Importance of Following Up with Your Clients

By Laura Beasley | May 12, 2017

As an owner of a veterinary practice, you know that connections are huge, and very beneficial to not only you, but your clients as well. Put yourself in the client’s shoes. Have you ever purchased a product or service and felt like all the vendor cared about was your money? I have, and it’s not…

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